Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Founder of Prominent Libertarian Group Says Ron Paul is Wrong

Alexander McCobin, one of the five co-founders of Students for Liberty, a prominent libertarian organization, says Ron Paul is wrong on the Russian-Ukraine situation. Dr. Ron Paul has stated that Crimea has the right to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. McCobin says, the vote was illegal and forced by Russian military intervention.

On Monday, McCobin put out a statement saying:

"While it’s important criticize misconduct of the United States and some of its Western allies exacerbating the turmoil in the Middle East over the past two decades, it is also important to remember that there are other aggressors in the world; Russia — with it’s ongoing wars in the Northern Caucasus, the invasion of South Ossetia, and it’s most recent annexation of Crimea — being key among them.
Former Congressman Ron Paul, whose views are interpreted by many as wholly representative of the libertarian movement, gets it wrong when he speaks of Crimea’s right to secede. Make no mistake about it, Crimea was annexed by Russian military force at gunpoint and its supposedly democratic “referendum” was a farce. Besides a suspiciously high voter turnout with legitimate international observers, the referendum gave Crimeans only two choices — join Russia now or later.
It’s much too simplistic to solely condemn the US for any kind of geopolitical instability in the world. Non-interventionists that sympathize with Russia by condoning Crimea’s secession and blaming the West for Ukrainian crisis fail to see the larger picture. Putin’s government is one of the least free in the world and is clearly the aggressor in Crimea, as it was even beforehand with its support of the Yanukovych regime that shot and tortured its own citizens on the streets of Kyiv.
The recent spate of anti-war activists arrested in Russia is just one of many examples that illustrate that the Russian Federation is not a free country and everyone should be very careful with showing sympathies to an autocratic leader such as President Putin.
In contrast to his father, Senator Rand Paul gets it right by condemning Russian aggression while not subscribing to hawkish calls for military intervention at the same time. It is one thing to not intervene; it is another thing to applaud an autocrat for the sake of blaming our own government."

 Ron Paul stated in an article in USA Today:
"Critics point to the Russian "occupation" of Crimea as evidence that no fair vote could have taken place. Where were these people when an election held in an Iraq occupied by U.S. troops was called a "triumph of democracy"?
Perhaps the U.S. officials who supported the unconstitutional overthrow of Ukraine's government should refocus their energies on learning our own Constitution, which does not allow the U.S. government to overthrow governments overseas or send a billion dollars to bail out Ukraine and its international creditors."

 I agree with both. I agree with Ron Paul that Crimea has the right to secede and I agree with McCorbin that the Russian government is one of the most tyrannical governments in the world. I agree that Crimea was annexed, and did not secede. but I also agree that the the U.S. government has no right to interfere. While what Russia has done is wrong, Ron Paul simply wants the United States government to stay out of a conflict that does not involve them. Even economic sanctions are an act of war... Just like our sanctions with Iran.

While I disagree with Dr. Paul on certain issues, his knowledge and understanding of foreign policy is better than most. The great things about libertarians is that we can disagree on somethings, but still move forward to change our nation for the better.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Appropriate U.S. Response on the Russia/Ukraine Crisis is.... Nothing

After more than ten years of constant war in the Afghanistan and a sixty year history of constant intervention in the internal struggles of sovereign nations what have we got? The only thing we create with our current foreign policy is animosity towards us and more terrorists. Every time we drop a bomb killing innocent people, we create terrorists who want to seek revenge. It's called blow back, people, and it is a concept our government is ignoring even though it has played out time and time again in almost every scenario where we have interfered in the internal politics of other countries. And it's not always war. Sometimes we simply use our spy networks to overthrow foreign leaders (many times democratically elected) and install our own pro-America dictators. Nine times out of ten, we see blow back that puts Americans in more harm than anything else.

So, what should the American response to the Russia/Ukraine crisis be? Nothing. Nothing at all. Let these two countries work it out themselves. If it expands beyond talks and heads directly into war, what good would it do be adding a third country into the mess? This is how World War I was started. Two countries went to war, each one pulling in their allies until all of Europe was covered in the blood of soldiers.

If Ukraine becomes the battle ground for the two most powerful nuclear armed nations in the world, there will be no Ukraine left when the dust settles. And that is the best case scenario for America's intervention. The worst, and very possible, outcome would be World War III in a time when most nations across the world have, or are working on, nuclear weapons. If you fundamentalists want to usher in the end of the world, well, this is the best way to do it. World War III will end modern civilization as we know it.

Say NO to anymore foreign intervention. Say NO to more war. Say NO our tyrannical foreign policy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make Mine Freedom

Who Does the Main Stream Media Work for?

For weeks most of the mainstream sources have not only been covering the President;s push toward war in Syria, they have been pushing his agenda. Left or right, most anchors and hosts covering the story have treated Obama as a hero to the people of Syria ignoring the hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people that will die as a result of our bombs being dropped. It becomes obvious, when any issue takes center stage, that the media does not work for the people they are supposed to be informing. They work solely for the two major political parties who hold complete control of our government. 

When Assad spoke to interviewers, the media focused on a warning given to President Obama and ignored his rebuttal to the President's "red line" rhetoric. Assad pointed out that the red line only applied to Syria and not to the United States. He brought up the fact that the United States and its ally, Israel, are allowed to use chemical weapons against any civilian population they want. In fact, during the Vietnam conflict, the pentagon not only used agent orange, a devastating chemical weapon, against civilian populations, but also against their own soldiers. Even if the later was inadvertent, it was still an obvious risk when agent orange rained from the sky as if the military was crop dusting the fields of South Vietnam. Though the use of agent orange was a deplorable act that still has lasting effects on Vietnamese and Americans alike, it was not the last Chemical weapons used by the United States or its biggest ally. Israel has used them on the Gaza strip and the U.S. used them in Iraq. But the media will not report those uses because it would destroy the government's image as a self righteous policeman of international law.... Laws it will always refuse to follow. 

When the President finally brought the idea of diplomacy to the table, at the bequest of the leader of Russia, President Puttin, the media began to sing that Russia was pushing our President around and that Obama had to stick to his guns. Even those who once claimed they were against the war shifted. 

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Fast and Furious, and Wikileaks.... The List goes on and on. If they are not siding with a politician they are ignoring the government's follies Why does it matter though? Of course the media has an agenda. It's been that way for a decades. So, what is the big deal? When the government controls the main sources of information (Mainstream media, education, etc.) it gives them more control over the people. A control they could never gain through passing authoritarian laws or harsh punishment for stepping out of line because it gives them control of your mind. When it is repeated over and over again that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people every few minutes on CNN you believe it even though there is no evidence that it was the Syrian government that actually used those weapons. It becomes fact without ever actually being a fact. This gives more rise to the call for intervention in their civil war by the President and a few members of congress on both aisles.

 They use the media to control our minds and win our hearts. We are living in the age of disinformation where lies become the truth and the people are blind folded to reality.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Illinois Eavesdropping Law Overturned by U.S. Federal Court

The Illinois Eavesdropping Act passed in 1961 was over turned by the 7th District United States Circuit Court of Appeals back in May of this year. This law made it illegal to film on duty police officers. But the proponents of the law brought it to the Supreme Court last month, where the highest court in the land refused to hear the case of the Illinois state government. In doing so, the last ruling on the law was the final word.

This is seen as a victory by man liberals and libertarians across the nation. They make the argument that the right to film police officers is needed to keep corrupt cops in check. Many films have risen showing abuse of power by police all over the country and the world. Many of them, in fact, were brought to justice due to citizens being allowed to film them.

This ruling stands as a testament that the people are tired of overbearing tyrants (even those from decades ago) eradicating our freedom. Thanks to the good people for keeping this law at the top of discussion. The video that resulted in the hype over the fifty year old law was about a man in Southern Illinois that was sentenced to 75 years in prison over filming the police (though, the charges were later dropped). This got me interested especially since it happened in the town I work in. Again, thank you to the people who kept this law at the front of our minds.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Response to the “Paulbomb” Part 2: Lies and Misinformation

This is the second part to my response on Reddit’s “Paulbomb.”

Lies and Misinformation

The Paulbombers have spread numerous lies and misinformation about Dr. Paul. From accusations that he is a racist, to accusations that he wants tyranny on a state level. Neither of those accusation are true. They are the result of lazy people no doing their research. They find one article that claims these things and that is automatically proof of its truth. That’s nothing but a lot of nonsense.

First, let’s look at the accusation of Paul being a racist. These came after a liberal website came out with racist newsletters written by an anonymous ghostwriter with Ron Paul’s name in the titles. First off, these were not written by Paul himself. No one can say who wrote these news letters because they were anonymous. Second, Paul has time and time again disavowed what was written in those newsletters on national television. Anyone who has ever met Paul or heard him speak knows the he has never spoken anything like the racist remark in those news letters. On top of all that, he has the support of the president of the NAACP’s Austin, Texas chapter. He makes it clear that he does not agree that Paul is racist in any way shape or form. And that the reason is being attack as a racist is because he is dangerous to the establishment.

Next, let’s look at Dr. Paul’s views on gay marriage and state’s rights. He has been criticized for wanting tyranny at the state levels instead of at the federal level. Now, it takes more than a single google search in order to understand Paul’s complete views on state’s rights and gay marriage. He has said that the states, under the United States of America’s Constitution,  have the power to regulate marriage, not the federal government. But, while he believes the constitution has that power, no level of government should be involved in the marriage business leaving it up to the consenting adults who want to get married.

Finally, they outright lie about Ron Paul wanting to build the fence along the Mexican-American border. He does not support the fence anymore than he supports national ID cards. It’s pretty clear.

There you go, Paulbombers. You have been shown how wrong you are. Now, are you going to admit it or are you going to continue with this propaganda campaign?

A Response to the “Paulbomb” Part one: The failing economy and warmongering

Recently on Reddit there has been a huge spamming of what is called “Paulbomb.” It is a list of anti Ron Paul  spam copy and pasted from the first Paulbomb post. This Paulbombing is teaching people to not think for themselves. It teaches them to just accept whatever is told to them with blind faith. If those who spread it actually did any research at all, they would understand the misinformation (and at times, blatant lies) espoused by this copy and paste. So, I am going to set this new spamming movement straight.

Spending and the economy
One problem that this new spam movement has with Dr. Paul is his sensible and consistent views on spending, the national debt and our failing economy. Among other things, they criticize his views on the Federal Reserve, the executive Departments he wants to cut, and the parts of the private sector he wants to cut federal funding.
With the current state of our economy, this is not a place we can pussy foot around. We have to make drastic cuts and we have to do it immediately. Libertarians are the only ones who seem to understand that. Liberals and Neo-conservatives are making no move to make drastic cuts to their spending. Wars, corporate welfare, a national bank that wont let anyone know what goes on…. All of these are burying us in debt that we will no be able to dig our way out of.
But what exactly do the Bombtards complain about? One thing is the that Dr. Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve. Now, to explain, in detail, why the Federal reserve needs to be abolished would take a whole separate article longer than I have for just this one. So I will be as brief as I can.
First off, do not be fooled by the term "federal” in the Federal Reserve’s name. It is not part of our government. It is a massive private bank. This means that our government has no oversight into the Federal Reserve. Yes, congress periodically holds a session with the Chairman of the Fed, but they have to take his word for it. They cannot look into the secretive dealings of the Federal Reserve. And that is a dangerous thing since, you know, they have complete control over our nation’s currency.
That’s right. They decide how much money is printed and who it is loaned out to. This means they control the periods of inflation and deflation of our currency. And since they work for greed rather than the people, they use their power only when it benefits them…even when it hurts everyone else. “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.” – Nathan Rothschild, the banker that bought Great Britain.
Since the Federal Reserve is not part of our government, they loan the money they print to our government. In other words, as long as the Fed exists, the government will be in perpetual debt. And we, the people, will be paying it off for the rest of our lives through taxes. This is why they had to create the IRS along with the Federal Reserve.

The worst thing about the Fed is that, with all of this power, it is accountable to know one. No a single politician can do shit about the Federal Reserve.
Now, on to the national debt and government cuts. Cuts are necessary. There is no arguing this. We are trillions of dollars in debt and heading toward financial collapse. If we do not start making major cuts, we will become a third world country. Dr. Paul is the only politician that is willing to make those major cuts that we need. His plan cuts one trillion dollars off the deficit in just one year. Yet, the Democrats and the Republicans are not willing to give up their spending so they call him insane instead of the only rational man in office.
Foreign Policy
Those who criticize his foreign policy are no more than warmongers. Dr. Paul’s foreign policy is the only foreign policy of liberty. The major criticism is calling him a pre-World War II isolationist.  They only do this because they have absolute zero understanding what isolationism is. Isolationists want the United States to completely isolate itself from the rest of the world. That means no political, military or economic ties to other nations. This is not what Paul wants. He is a non-interventionist. He wants the U.S. to trade and friends with all nations, but he does not think the United States has the right to control the internal affairs of other nations. He does not want to start preemptive wars base on faulty intelligence. This has lead some to not only call him an isolationist, but also a pacifist. That is not true, either.

A pacifist believes that war is never justifiable. Paul believes a military response is justifiable if a nation is attacked. This is what is called the Non-aggression Principle. The NAP states that the initiation of force is always immoral. This includes invading Iran because of the fear that they might get a nuclear weapon. Iran, though one might disagree with the way it is ran, is an independent and sovereign nation. A preemptive attack against Iran because they might have nuclear weapons would violate their rights as a sovereign nation.

Another issue some people just do not get is the devastation  the U.N. has on America. It is a world government that makes laws and goes to war without any representation of the people. This is illegal. It goes against everything the founding fathers expected from our nation. This body, that we have no control over, even has its own military. And guess who makes up the majority of the U.N. soldiers...That's right. America. We send our soldiers to die for an unamerican tyrannical world government. 

Which brings us to another point. The Paulbombers also criticize him for believing in a New World Order "conspiracy." This isn't the prediction of fearmongers. This is becoming a reality. Just look at everything I told you about the U.N. because it also applies to NATO. These are mulit-national governments without any representation for the people.

Finally, The Paulbombers have decided that the Constitutional powers of war do not matter anymore. The Constitution authorizes the congress to grant letters of Marque and reprisals. Letters of Marque allows the president to hire mercenaries to attack militants or nations. Some thing our presidents do already without the approval of congress making unconstitutional. Think about this: What if we had hired Afghan militants to go after Osama instead of sending our troops to nation build? They would know the Afghan and Pakistan terrain far better than any American. They would have found and captured Osama a lot quicker than our government did. On top of that, it would not have cost one trillion dollars to sustain an entire army in a foreign nation. 

Part 2 responds to lies and misinformation spread about Dr. Paul.