Sunday, July 19, 2009


I always start these blogs out with a little introduction. I don't know why. Most of what I write here anyone who reads my blogs will find out eventually. Oh, well.

My name is Dean. I have one other blog. It is about my Philosophy on God ( I am a Deist). This one is going to be about my Political Philosophy.

I would say that the Libertarian Party is the closest party to my view on the government, constitution, liberty, etc. I believe in a limited federal government, with stronger state and local governments and more powers given to the individual to choose. I would like to see the federal government following the 10th Amendment, and sticking to the powers that are listed in the constitution and giving us (states, cities and individuals) back those that are not. I would also like the government to stop using the Necessary and Proper Clause to build an ungodly sized government. The more the government spends, the more it costs to run. The more the government costs to run, the more we are paying straight out of our income checks. And, I don't know about you folks out there, in this recession, I don't have that much money for the government to take. Oh, the rich are fine. But what about those of us who are in the middle class and lower class? Those of use who are really the back bone of this economy? The more we hurt, the more our country as a whole hurts. But I digress.

I also want to see the Federal government take complete control of all the programs it has made, but is unwilling to abolish. For example: The Federal Reserve. This is the institution the government charges with printing our currency, as wells as numerous other things that deal directly with the Economy. Yet, there is absolutely no oversight to the Federal Reserve. Congress turns its back on the Fed as it prints ungodly amounts of money, to the point of our currency inflating at a rapid rate. But, hey, it is just fine if our money is only worth the ink and paper it's printed on, right? NO! And as long as it keeps printing and printing and printing, that is all it will be worth. Thankfully, Congressman Ron Paul has proposed a bill to congress (HR 1207 in Senate, S 604 in House). This bill has gained a massive amount of popularity in the senate, but is not doing as great in the house. For more details on the bill and how to get the word out please visit Dr. Paul's Website:

So, in short, smaller government, more personal freedom, less taxes, more reliable dollar. I will be hitting each of these topics, plus more, in the future.