Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jon Stewart Rips Media for Ron Paul Coverage

The Ames, Iowa straw poll ended in the American People seeing the mainstream media for what they truly are: Political puppets. While Michele Bachmann won the straw poll, Ron Paul came in a very close second. He was less than 1% away from winning the poll himself. You would think that the major underdog in the election coming that close to a strong win would get a lot of Media coverage. But the media had another idea. Disregarding Paul’s 4,671, they focused on Bachmann, the winner (with 4,823), Tim Pawlenty (with 2,293 – Less than half of Ron Paul’s votes), Rick Santorum (with 1,657), and even Jon Huntsmen (with only 69 votes). They completely ignored Paul’s victory as the anti-establishment Republican candidate coming in second place.
This is what “Journalism” has come to. The main stream media is a pathetic form of biased journalism that has shot itself in the foot with this recent fiasco.
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