Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview with Senate candidate Mike Labno

Back in April I had the great pleasure of interviewing United States Senate Candidate Mike Labno from Illinois.  The Answers I received from Mr. Labno were very different from those you would receive from a Republican or Democrat. The main difference I saw was that Mr. Labno was direct and honest. You won't find that in the establishment parties candidates. He did not side-step any question and answered them all directly. Make sure to visit Mike Labno's campaign site.

Q: "What moved you to run for senate?"

A: "Though I have always been interested in politics, I really never considered running for office until about one year ago. The rising financial crisis, never-ending military occupations of the past several years, and the unfunded national debt are what finally persuaded me to get much more involved in politics. As is usual for me, I didn’t take the easy road; and since I tend to aim high, I’m running for the senate. Government at all levels needs Liberty-minded individuals, but it is the federal government that has the biggest stranglehold on the American people; so I decided to take a chance and see if the rest of the people in Illinois are as determined as I am to regain the power that they’ve lost. Government mismanagement is destroying our great nation, and this must stop now – before it is too late."

Q: "If elected, what programs, if any, would you be willing to cut in order to balance the budget? Do you think working down our deficit is realistic?

A: "Yes, it’s realistic, and we must face it now. I refuse to pass this debt along to my daughter and her generation without at least putting up a fight; otherwise they face greater taxation, a reduction in both the quantity and quality of services, and inevitable economic collapse. Here is an abbreviated list of what I propose:
 1) End Social Security: No new enrollments, but older Americans would have the option to stay in the program, and buyouts offered to younger participants. Privatize the funding. Remaining unfunded liabilities can  be subsidized by the sales of U.S. owned assets
 2) Department of Education – Eliminate it.
 3) Department of Defense
     – Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and maintain ONLY enough support to complete our criminal investigation and apprehend suspects related to the disastrous 9/11 attack.
     – Close bases abroad. I refuse to allow Europe and the rest of the world to have their socialist societies protected by the umbrella of American military might. They can purchase our equipment if they like, otherwise our toys come home too.
     – The military in general needs some cuts and consolidation, but to assure the nation is protected, I support full-scale anti-missile technology. To maintain our dominance and deterrence, I also like a strong Navy with nuclear-armed subs in international waters at all times. Active troop and aircraft carriers are also essential. I would not eliminate land-based armies completely, but their numbers and locations should reflect the national security threats we actually face
  4) Department of Agriculture – Cut just about everything except the Food Stamp program and inspections. Inspections can then be phased out quickly to private organizations. As the economy strengthens, the Food Stamp program can also be phased out.
  5) The sale of public land to private investors, particularly oil-rich lands in Alaska, the Bakken Formation, and the Rocky Mountains.
  6) The sale of newly vacated government assets
Q: "Would you vote against any bill that supersedes the rights of the states or the American people?"

A: "I will remain true to a Constitutionally-limited federal government"
Q: "How would you create jobs for American citizens?"

A: "Lowering and eventually eliminating personal income taxes.
Corporate income taxes should be minimal to provide incentive for companies to produce in the United States
Eliminate sugar tariffs which will allow alternative-fuel manufactures an economical option for producing vast amounts of eco-friendly ethanol. Review restrictions on nuclear power facilities and ease the requirements where possible to allow expansion of this clean energy source.
End the “War On Drugs”
  1)This “war” only perpetuates violence in urban environments and keeps these neighborhoods impoverished. Safe communities lead to business investments and the weaning off of government (taxpayer) funding.
  2)Hemp is EXTREMELY efficient for paper production – with an added benefit of reducing the destruction of trees for paper production.
  3)Drug sales can be taxed."
Q: "What is your view of the Tea Party? Do you think they are the same liberty-minded people that began with Ron Paul's presidential campaign? Or do you think they have been co-opted by big wig Republicans like Sarah Palin?"

A: "The Republican Party surely is jumping on what was originally a Libertarian bandwagon. I would not dare say it is a Republican movement completely, because I meet many independent-minded individuals at the events. But for those that are only Liberty-minded when it comes to economics, they are definitely getting to hear much more about Libertarianism by way of local speakers and other major players at news media outlets. Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan: “It’s the economy, stupid” is still valid, and it is why I support the Tea Party movement; because without a strong economy, everything else will just fall apart."
Q: "Do you think, as Obama and the majority of our government does, that more troops are needed in Afghanistan?"
A: "No. As stated earlier, I want our troops to come home immediately. Our troops are facing increased local resistance, and dislike of America is growing. I would like to avoid further conflicts, especially on American soil; but we do need to find Osama bin Laden and his gang and bring them to justice for the crimes committed on 9/11/01"
Q: "What do you think about faith based initiatives from our government?"

A: "Charity begins at home – not with the government. As soon as the government is stopped from picking their pockets the true, kind nature of most individuals will blossom when and where it is needed most. Government “charity” is just another opportunity for waste and corruption."
Q: "Would you work to repeal Obamacare?"

A: "Access to healthcare is something that everyone wants, but not at the expense of our jobs and economy. We must repeal the recent healthcare bill, eliminate excessive and redundant regulation, implement real changes like interstate medical insurance sales, constructing more private hospitals, increasing the supply of physicians, letting nurses play a stronger role in medical care, etc. A strong economy will allow everyone to get the care they desire."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Proposition 19 On the November Ballot in California

California is the closest thing that America has to a pure democracy (A pure democracy being ever issues is decided by the people, not elected representatives), because ever law that is passed by their legislature has to be voted on by its citizens. One law to be voted on in November is Proposition 19.  This law, basically, legalizes the use, selling and growing of marijuana. The law gives the power to local governments to regulate the sale of it (ie. taxes, hours allowed for businesses to sell it). But the federal government has not taken this lightly. The Federal DEA has come out and said all Federal laws on marijuana will be enforced. Even some state and local police have said they will continue to enfore federal laws regarding the use and selling of Marijuana.

Why can the federal government not realize the Constitutional limits to its power? It seems every day the federal government ignores the supreme law of the land in order to increase its power over the people and the states.  The powers that the federal government (all three branches) are listed in the first three articles of the United States Constitution. Yet, the government fails time and time again to stick to those powers. The result is always lost liberties for the people and the states. The federal government's opposition to Proposition 19 in California is an obvious sign of that.

It is obvious an ideological revolution is needed among the people. Luckily, through the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, one has begun to start.  People are begining to wake up. What needs to happen next? We need to out the two parties that are in power now and replace them with more Constitutional-minded parties. Niether party works for the benifit of the people, but they work for themselves and their own greedy agenda. It is time that ended.