Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make Mine Freedom

Who Does the Main Stream Media Work for?

For weeks most of the mainstream sources have not only been covering the President;s push toward war in Syria, they have been pushing his agenda. Left or right, most anchors and hosts covering the story have treated Obama as a hero to the people of Syria ignoring the hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people that will die as a result of our bombs being dropped. It becomes obvious, when any issue takes center stage, that the media does not work for the people they are supposed to be informing. They work solely for the two major political parties who hold complete control of our government. 

When Assad spoke to interviewers, the media focused on a warning given to President Obama and ignored his rebuttal to the President's "red line" rhetoric. Assad pointed out that the red line only applied to Syria and not to the United States. He brought up the fact that the United States and its ally, Israel, are allowed to use chemical weapons against any civilian population they want. In fact, during the Vietnam conflict, the pentagon not only used agent orange, a devastating chemical weapon, against civilian populations, but also against their own soldiers. Even if the later was inadvertent, it was still an obvious risk when agent orange rained from the sky as if the military was crop dusting the fields of South Vietnam. Though the use of agent orange was a deplorable act that still has lasting effects on Vietnamese and Americans alike, it was not the last Chemical weapons used by the United States or its biggest ally. Israel has used them on the Gaza strip and the U.S. used them in Iraq. But the media will not report those uses because it would destroy the government's image as a self righteous policeman of international law.... Laws it will always refuse to follow. 

When the President finally brought the idea of diplomacy to the table, at the bequest of the leader of Russia, President Puttin, the media began to sing that Russia was pushing our President around and that Obama had to stick to his guns. Even those who once claimed they were against the war shifted. 

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Fast and Furious, and Wikileaks.... The List goes on and on. If they are not siding with a politician they are ignoring the government's follies Why does it matter though? Of course the media has an agenda. It's been that way for a decades. So, what is the big deal? When the government controls the main sources of information (Mainstream media, education, etc.) it gives them more control over the people. A control they could never gain through passing authoritarian laws or harsh punishment for stepping out of line because it gives them control of your mind. When it is repeated over and over again that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people every few minutes on CNN you believe it even though there is no evidence that it was the Syrian government that actually used those weapons. It becomes fact without ever actually being a fact. This gives more rise to the call for intervention in their civil war by the President and a few members of congress on both aisles.

 They use the media to control our minds and win our hearts. We are living in the age of disinformation where lies become the truth and the people are blind folded to reality.