Thursday, October 28, 2010

Proposition 19 On the November Ballot in California

California is the closest thing that America has to a pure democracy (A pure democracy being ever issues is decided by the people, not elected representatives), because ever law that is passed by their legislature has to be voted on by its citizens. One law to be voted on in November is Proposition 19.  This law, basically, legalizes the use, selling and growing of marijuana. The law gives the power to local governments to regulate the sale of it (ie. taxes, hours allowed for businesses to sell it). But the federal government has not taken this lightly. The Federal DEA has come out and said all Federal laws on marijuana will be enforced. Even some state and local police have said they will continue to enfore federal laws regarding the use and selling of Marijuana.

Why can the federal government not realize the Constitutional limits to its power? It seems every day the federal government ignores the supreme law of the land in order to increase its power over the people and the states.  The powers that the federal government (all three branches) are listed in the first three articles of the United States Constitution. Yet, the government fails time and time again to stick to those powers. The result is always lost liberties for the people and the states. The federal government's opposition to Proposition 19 in California is an obvious sign of that.

It is obvious an ideological revolution is needed among the people. Luckily, through the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, one has begun to start.  People are begining to wake up. What needs to happen next? We need to out the two parties that are in power now and replace them with more Constitutional-minded parties. Niether party works for the benifit of the people, but they work for themselves and their own greedy agenda. It is time that ended.

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