Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Response to the “Paulbomb” Part 2: Lies and Misinformation

This is the second part to my response on Reddit’s “Paulbomb.”

Lies and Misinformation

The Paulbombers have spread numerous lies and misinformation about Dr. Paul. From accusations that he is a racist, to accusations that he wants tyranny on a state level. Neither of those accusation are true. They are the result of lazy people no doing their research. They find one article that claims these things and that is automatically proof of its truth. That’s nothing but a lot of nonsense.

First, let’s look at the accusation of Paul being a racist. These came after a liberal website came out with racist newsletters written by an anonymous ghostwriter with Ron Paul’s name in the titles. First off, these were not written by Paul himself. No one can say who wrote these news letters because they were anonymous. Second, Paul has time and time again disavowed what was written in those newsletters on national television. Anyone who has ever met Paul or heard him speak knows the he has never spoken anything like the racist remark in those news letters. On top of all that, he has the support of the president of the NAACP’s Austin, Texas chapter. He makes it clear that he does not agree that Paul is racist in any way shape or form. And that the reason is being attack as a racist is because he is dangerous to the establishment.

Next, let’s look at Dr. Paul’s views on gay marriage and state’s rights. He has been criticized for wanting tyranny at the state levels instead of at the federal level. Now, it takes more than a single google search in order to understand Paul’s complete views on state’s rights and gay marriage. He has said that the states, under the United States of America’s Constitution,  have the power to regulate marriage, not the federal government. But, while he believes the constitution has that power, no level of government should be involved in the marriage business leaving it up to the consenting adults who want to get married.

Finally, they outright lie about Ron Paul wanting to build the fence along the Mexican-American border. He does not support the fence anymore than he supports national ID cards. It’s pretty clear.

There you go, Paulbombers. You have been shown how wrong you are. Now, are you going to admit it or are you going to continue with this propaganda campaign?

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