Monday, March 3, 2014

The Appropriate U.S. Response on the Russia/Ukraine Crisis is.... Nothing

After more than ten years of constant war in the Afghanistan and a sixty year history of constant intervention in the internal struggles of sovereign nations what have we got? The only thing we create with our current foreign policy is animosity towards us and more terrorists. Every time we drop a bomb killing innocent people, we create terrorists who want to seek revenge. It's called blow back, people, and it is a concept our government is ignoring even though it has played out time and time again in almost every scenario where we have interfered in the internal politics of other countries. And it's not always war. Sometimes we simply use our spy networks to overthrow foreign leaders (many times democratically elected) and install our own pro-America dictators. Nine times out of ten, we see blow back that puts Americans in more harm than anything else.

So, what should the American response to the Russia/Ukraine crisis be? Nothing. Nothing at all. Let these two countries work it out themselves. If it expands beyond talks and heads directly into war, what good would it do be adding a third country into the mess? This is how World War I was started. Two countries went to war, each one pulling in their allies until all of Europe was covered in the blood of soldiers.

If Ukraine becomes the battle ground for the two most powerful nuclear armed nations in the world, there will be no Ukraine left when the dust settles. And that is the best case scenario for America's intervention. The worst, and very possible, outcome would be World War III in a time when most nations across the world have, or are working on, nuclear weapons. If you fundamentalists want to usher in the end of the world, well, this is the best way to do it. World War III will end modern civilization as we know it.

Say NO to anymore foreign intervention. Say NO to more war. Say NO our tyrannical foreign policy.

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