Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obama Sends Letter to Congress and What it Means to the Nation

Congress has been hounding President Obama over unanswered questions regarding the President's war in Libya. One of the issues is the legality of the war. Congress is worried that the President is overstepping his legal authority in Libya. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) sent a letter to Obama explaining he legally only has until Sunday to get congressional approval for the war. If he doesn't then he must immediately begin to withdraw all forces from Libya. On Wednesday Obama responded to Congress in a letter defending his operations in the Country.

In the letter, Obama claimed he had no legal reason to get approval from congress despite the Constitution and the Wars Power Resolution. He cited a U.N resolution saying members could invade countries to prevent catastrophes or humanitarian crisis. So what he is saying is that an unelected body can overrule the Constitution and laws created by Congress.

This is what we would expect from a nation that is transforming into a dictatorship. Over the past one hundred years the executive branch has taken more and more from the Legislative branch. It has the ability to create laws through "executive decisions" and not just enforce laws passed by congress. And now we see the President completely disregarding Congressional approval for military actions as dictated by the United States of America's laws.

We are on a really fucking dangerous slope, folks. The more power a single man takes away from the other branches the less freedom you and I will end up having.

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