Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I am Not a Republican

As a fan of limited government the Republican Party seems like the best choice for me to vote for in elections. And most people seem to think that voting third party is a wasted vote. So I have been asked time and time again why I don't vote for the closest major party to my views (That would be the Republican party at first glance). It's simple, really. The Republican Party isn't a small government party. It is a small government where their lobbyists pay them to be small government party.

Republicans are as big government as Democrats/Liberals/Progressives:  In fact, George W. Bush's spending on big government would put any liberal to shame. Republicans consistently vote for big government programs like giving the FDA the power to outlaw certain kinds of cigarettes, spending billions forcing their agenda on education instead of letting actual educators decide what to teach kids, spending billions on Abstinence only education, etc. They continuously expand this failed "War on Drugs" regardless of what the states have to say. The Republican Party is a big government Party.

Republicans love war, I don't: Republicans hold the the policies of Interventionism and Preemptive warfare. Interventionism is when a Country interferes in the internal affairs of another country (What would Americans think if China sent soldiers to the U.S. to create a new government?). Preemptive warfare is invading a country that hasn't done anything to us because they might at some point maybe plan to do something. I am a non-interventionist. That means I only think war is justifiable in cases of Self Defense.

Republicans Don't believe in Capitalism, they believe in granting special favors to big business:  Capitalism is a completely free market. That means in a truly capitalistic economy, the government does not regulate or get involved in anyother way.  Republicans, on the other hand, continuously give out free handouts and exemptions to the law to their big bussiness buddies and to lobyists. That is not Capitalism.

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