Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rand Paul: The Liberal Media's Punching bag

Dr. Rand Paul is the new Senator from Kentucky elected on November 2, 2010.  He beat Jack Conway 56%-44%. But ever sense Dr. Paul started running for senate, liberal media like MSNBC has continuously tried again and again to smear Dr. Paul's name.  It even lasted to after Dr. Paul's victory speech on November 2. Most of what MSNBC and other liberal media outlets are saying about Rand Paul is absolutely wrong. Let's take a look what has been said.

Rand Paul wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act:  It is repeated over the Liberal media that Rand Paul wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act. They make it seem like Rand Paul is in favor of racial discrimination. But that is absolutely untrue. What he has said, and continues to say is simple. He believes that no government should be allowed to discriminate. And because of that he supported 9 out of the 10 titles to the Civil Rights act (Yes, most of the Civil Rights act was about Public discrimination, not private). He even said on the Rachel Maddow Show that "Discrimination and racism is a horrible thing and I don't want any form of it in our government."  He has stated that when he says "private discrimination" he means all Government departments and government funded programs which include: Government positions, schools, buses, government funded charities, etc. The main point of his argument is this: Who owns a private business? Is it the government or the actual owner who puts in his own money and time into running the place? Again, on the Rachel Maddow show, Rand Paul asks her if she thought that the owner of a business had the right to say guns are not allowed to be used in a private business (Mind you, Rand Paul is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment) regardless of the public gun laws. He says it is absolutely up to the private owner on what happens within his own business, not the government. He has even stated that if he was in Congress when the Civil Rights Act had passed if he would have voted for it by CNN's Wolf Blitzer and his answer was simple: "Yes. I would have voted yes."

Rand Paul wants to Appeal the Americans with Disabilities Act: Again, Rand Paul has never stated this. What he has said is: "You know, some of the things, for example we can come up with common sense solutions — like for example if you have a three story building and you have someone apply for a job, you get them a job on the first floor if they’re in a wheelchair as supposed to making the person who owns the business put an elevator in, you know what I mean?" In other words, Rand Paul said he wanted businesses to be allowed to make common sense decisions. Also notice the phrase "Some of the things."  This also implies that Rand Paul agrees with a lot of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but think some things in it are so common sense that they should not be regulated.

Rand Paul Drugged a woman and made her worship an "Aqua Buddha" during College: Come on, folks. This is up there with the "Obama is a Muslims" or "Obama was not born in America" bull.  Like those two assertions fought constantly by the liberal media, this has absolutely no proof. In an article by GQ ( a well know Liberal magazine) an anonymous source claimed that Rand Paul and a secret organization kidnapped her, drugged her and forced her to worship an "aqua Buddha." An anonymous source said all of this. After the publication of the article, journalists all over the country tried to find any sort of evidence they could find regarding this issue. None was found. The "anonymous source" never came forward again. And while this accusation was failed to be proven, the liberal media, like MSNBC, continued to display these accusations as absolute fact.

It is obvious Liberals fear this man. Fear creates lies and wild accusations.I think the following video sums it all up.

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